Nomad Design House prides itself on having a fine art background, and incorporating a hand-drawn feel into our digital designs. Trever’s love for diving and fishing inspired him to start a collection of illustrations he calls his Sea Life Series. Very often our creative process starts with inspiration from the natural world, and this is a great example of that. Here is Trever with some of his catches after a day of spearfishing.




While some may cringe at the thought of killing fish from the ocean, spearfishing is actually a very sustainable practice because you have total control over what you are catching, and how much of it. He makes sure to only kill what we are going to eat, and let the other fish swim on by.

The next photo shows Trever drawing a snapper, or “pargo” in Spanish. The town we are currently staying in is called “Los Pargos” for the abundance of snapper that are our neighbors in the sea.




Here you can see the progression of Trever’s snapper illustration, beginning with a light watercolor wash and pencil sketch, and finishing with inked lines and informational hand-drawn text about the fish.



Some more of the Sea Life Series, pictured below. Does that one on the top right look familiar? Yup, that’s a pampano just like the one in the first photo!



And finally, no surf board is complete without some custom art. Trever’s new board is representing Los Pargos with a fat snapper fish combining all of his passions: surfing, fishing, and drawing!



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