About Us

Sea Life Illustrations

Nomad Design House prides itself on having a fine art background, and incorporating a hand-drawn feel into our digital designs. Trever’s love for diving and fishing inspired him to start a collection of illustrations he calls his Sea Life Series. Very often our creative process starts with inspiration from the natural world, and this is a great example…

Travels in the Caribbean

The Nomad team was fortunate enough to take a little road trip to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica recently to explore this coast. Although this wasn’t our first time here, we were shocked by the change in climate, wildlife, culture, and flavor. Our home base here in the Guanacaste is a predictable sunny, dry…

Thousands of Sea Turtles

One morning this past September, word traveled up the coast that the rare and amazing large scale arrival, or “arriabada” in Spanish, of Olive Ridley turtles was beginning at Playa Ostional. This beach is one of only a handful in the world where this mass number of sea turtles arrives and makes the labored journey…

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