Nomad Design House was founded by Laura Galvin and Trever Adams. We’re a team of designers from opposite coasts of the U.S. who met and joined creative forces overseas. After meeting on the beach in Costa Rica, we discovered not only were we both travel-lovers who quit our office jobs in the States in search of a new way of life- but also both designers and artists! We are currently exploring Central America with a home base in Costa Rica, while seeking design and photography opportunities from businesses around the globe. We both have a formal art education, plus diverse background in traditional art, web and digital design, marketing, as well as clothing design and production, product design, and photography.


We are inspired by nature, travel, culture, and the freedom of a minimalist lifestyle. Living in a foreign country by a beautiful coastline, in a tropical setting where life is bursting all around us has been an eye-opening experience, and our awe and respect of the natural world shows in our work. Our favorite projects are related to the ocean, environment, travel, health, wellness, or eco-friendly companies and brands. Protecting our natural resources and living in balance with the earth is something we feel strongly about, and try to incorporate as much as possible into our lifestyle and work.


We love helping small businesses succeed, and creating a strong visual identity and brand materials are key to that success. Our branding and web design services give other entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and expat-owned businesses the tools they need to reach their clients and develop into thriving businesses. Seeing other people achieve freedom by working for themselves and helping to make their dreams a reality is such a rewarding task.

Sharing our own creative passions is also important to us, which is where the Nomad Shop comes in. We create art and handmade goods inspired by nature and travel, like a line of upcycled garments that we hand-screen with our illustrations and designs, as well as other art pieces and photography prints. Whenever possible, the things we make are from used, found, or recycled materials, in an effort to not create waste or use unnecessary resources.




Non-profit and Trade Opportunities

We are currently accepting inquiries from non-profit organizations supporting the environment, ocean, animal and nature conservation, healthy living or similar causes, to donate our services to at discounted rates. Preference will currently be given to organizations in Costa Rica.

We also welcome collaborations and advertising opportunities of all kinds. If you have a brand that shares a similar mission and audience and would like to work together, you can find out more about collaborating here.

You can also email us directly at with any questions, inquiries or just to say hi!

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