We are very excited to share this project, not only because we love working with innovative, forward thinking clients like Ian and Zach, the founders of Altaris Law, but also because it’s a great example of our Small Business Starter package. This covers all the basics for small business owners who are just getting started and need to develop their logo and brand identity, create a website, social media presence and print business cards (at an affordable price, too!)

Altaris Law is a “new species” of law firm, specializing in cannabis law, cryptocurrencies, startups and wealth management. We have to admit, when we first heard about a project for a law firm it didn’t really get our creative juices flowing, UNTIL we learned more about their focus. Then the ideas for their branding and overall aesthetic started to evolve, with a mix of modern geometric iconography, edgy textures, crisp lifestyle photography, and a professional yet fresh color palette and font selection.

Below you can see the logo design process, from some of the first ideas we presented to the final brand guide.

These were the first three designs presented to the client. After a few rounds of edits and variations, we came up with a final design. Here it is in the brand guide, which defines the brand’s aesthetics and feel, including logo variations, fonts, colors, imagery and even brand adjectives.

Next we worked on their business card and letterhead design, and social media images. They wanted to include QR codes on their cards, so we worked them into the design, and used the slate texture to keep their branding consistent throughout their print material. We designed a few options and combinations of social media images so they could change it up and keep their pages fresh. We also made a post image for each of their practice specialties so they could have imagery when posting about the areas of law they focus on.

Next was the website. Now that the brand style and their company voice was defined, we carried out their look and messaging to the website. Their page is to the point, clean and informational, with an effort to get viewers to contact them with questions or interest in working together.

It’s always such a pleasure to help bring entrepreneurs’ ideas to life, work with them to define their vision and create all the digital materials they need to run a successful business. The Small Business Starter package is really the perfect way to begin laying the visual groundwork for any new business, and one of the most important steps to take before you can get your company off the ground. You may have the brilliant business ideas, skills or talent that will make your business succeed, but we have the visual communication skills to represent you the best way possible in print and digital form, so that future customers or clients know just how great your business is.

If you’re interested in chatting with us about your new business, feel free to email us and tell us about what you do. We’d love to talk about how we can help you define your brand or communicate better with clients, because we truly love to see small businesses succeed!

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