No matter where we are, we are constantly thinking of ways to improve existing businesses’ visual appeal. It’s just how we think. At restaurants we want to redesign menus, when searching for hotels we notice ways they could improve their websites. We also think of new business ideas of our own quite often that we mentally sketch out branding styles for and define target audiences. So recently we decided to bring one of those dreams to life with Sea Hippies. Coming from the States, we are (shamefully) used to an abundance of clothing options, from new brands to cool vintage shops. Here in Costa Rica the options are far fewer, and even fewer still when it comes to quality and unique style. So in an effort to bring a bit of variety to the area, we created a mobile boutique of vintage clothing from the States. After scouring the thrift stores in NYC for the best bohemian beach styles, two suitcases of clothing were brought back to Costa Rica for the first Sea Hippies collection!


To begin, we created a logo that embodied our concept and represented the style we were going for. Choosing colors of the sea and sand, and developing our hippie mermaid illustration and customized lettering, and finishing it off with a rough texture for a vintage effect. A beach photo shoot was essential to show the merchandise in the relaxing coastal background. After putting some cute outfits together and accessorizing with feathers and sunglasses, we headed to the beach to catch our favorite afternoon lighting. (We can shoot your product in Costa Rica too!) Then marketing material was created; a Facebook page, Facebook posts, and printed posters. Keeping the style consistent and using certain branding elements and colors in each post helps to create an image for our brand, and communicates to our potential customers what kind of brand Sea Hippies is. Make sure to like the Sea Hippies Facebook page!


We printed hang tags for every clothing item, not wanting to skimp on the details, and gathered driftwood from the local beach to hang clothes from, bringing natural elements into our merchandising. For our first event, we collaborated with our friend and ongoing design client, Frank from La Bodega, and set up shop for a day on his outdoor patio. After a couple weeks of Facebook marketing through local groups and some paid ads, our efforts seemed to pay off and we made some sales and met lots of local Sea Hippies!

It will take some time and dedication to continue building a following, but we hope to have events in other beach towns in Costa Rica, as well as begin selling from an online store.

To find out where our next Sea Hippies event will be, be sure to like our page!


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